Where to now?

When The Surname Society was launched I dived in and registered a surname study. Being a novice in this area I made a list of tasks that I would undertake:

  • I have opened a new project in my Family Historian software into which I have imported my Australian Currys. Several Society members already use  Family Historian for their Surname studies so there is much help available.
  • I will add any new Curry references I find to that project.
  • I have set up this Wordpress blog through which I will share Curry stories, trivia and news as wll as reports on my research.
  • I already have 8,000+ Curry references in an Excel spreadsheet. I am currently massaging this data so that I can use Colin’s free XL to Ged utility to convert the data in the spreadsheet to a gedcom file that I can import into my Family Historian project.
  • I will set up a few Google alerts that will hopefully retrieve some Curry news from the web. I will have to put some thoughts into crafting these so that I don’t get lots of news about Indian cuisine.
  • I will search the various databases at my disposal to find Currys.
  • I will see what Curry information Mr Google can dig up for me.
  • I will promote my study on social media so that others will be aware of  the study. The hashtag will be #CurryAus and the URL of my blog contains CurryAus.
  • I will use Evernote as a tool to keep track of the blog and its posts.
  • I will use the information shared in the Surname Society forums to give me guidance.
  • Apart from that I will just learn as I go.

To date I have set up the Family Historian database and blog. I am also getting the data in my old spreadsheet ready to import into Family Historian, I can see that this will take some time.


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