Plugin aids Progress

It’s been a CurryAus day today. I dip in and out of my Surname project as time permits and am making some small progress.

My genimate Shelley recently developed a Plugin that will export data from a spreaadsheet into Family Historian software. This plugin addresses my specific needs more than the plugin that is currently available in the FH Plugin store. So that she could test her plugin I sent Shelley a sample of around 500 entries from my old CurryAus spreadsheet. Shelley used my data to test her plugin and returned a gedcom file to me that I opened as a new project in Family Historian. When Shelley is satisfied with her plugin I look forward to using it to import the other entries I have on my old spreadsheet and go through this process over again..

merged all the duplicate families and individuals and ended up with a decent set of records for quite a few families.  After backing up this new project and my CurryAus project in Family Historian I imported the new data. There are now 4770 individuals and 376 families in my CurryAus database. Merging and checking is ongoing.

I just hope that I have inherited my grandmothers’ longeivity so I can do justice to this project.


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