A Blogiversary Missed

It’s just over a year since I launched this blog in December 2014 so I have missed my blogiversary !

Not being a very organised person I dip in and out of my CurryAus study at irregular intervals. As a novice I don’t know if I am going about things in a smart way but as I like to learn by trial and error I’m content.

I have found that Evernote is helping with my organisation. When I find a Curry mention somewhere (eg from a Google alert) that I don’t have time to deal with immediately I save it as a note in  my CurryAus  Evernote Notebook. When I have time  I return to the notebook and process snippet by trying to find further evidence for the facts they reveal then I add the details to my CurryAus database in Family Historian. I then add a “posted” tag to the Evernote note to  indicate that I have processed the information.

I also use Evernote to keep track of progress in recording details from small databases I come across like country cemetery lists and genealogy society indexes. I have note titled Resources Progress in which I list the Name and URL of resources I want to check. Here I record the date and where I am up to in checking each resource for Curry as I add it  to my CurryAus database in Family Historian. When I finish checking a resource I mark it with Done in bright green text. This helps to keep me on track and remember what I have already  checked.

As I hear from Currys (no-one as contacted me yet) I will also use Evernote to set up notes with their details in the CurryAus notebook.  I am sure that as time progresses I will find even more ways that Evernote can keep me organised.

Have you any  Evernote tips for me?


One thought on “A Blogiversary Missed

  1. Carmel

    Thanks for tip re keeping contact details of blog respondents in Evernote. I had simply been forwarding any emails resulting from blog contacts to Evernote but need to rethink and consolidate. Also like the idea of the bright green DONE, must adopt this to save me revisiting things multiple times!

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