A-Z Roundup

There is an new song buzzing in my ear today. Courtesy of Dora the Explorer I can sing We did it. But why we?

Without the encouragement of my genimates and other bloggers I would never have made it to the finish line of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Thanks to those new and old friends who have visited CurryAus over the past month.

Like Dora I went exploring  but through the Curry forenames in my surname study database and shared some of the articles I found on Trove relating to Currys I hoped that I would have the stamina to complete the challenge and I did it.

P1050436It’s worth celebrating

I will pen my thoughts about the challenge over on my GeniAus blog later in the week of but for now I’m borrowing an idea from fellow challengees, Maria and Pauleen, and posting a compilation of my posts here in case any of my readers want a convenient way to get a dose of Curry.

A is for Albert

B is for Beatrice

C is for Charles

D is for Daphne

E is for Ernest

F is for Ferris

G is for Gladys

H is for Hedley

I is for Irene

J is for Jill

K  is for Keith

L is for Lost (and Leslie too)

M is for Mary

N is for Nicholas

O is for Oswald

P is for Patrick

Q is for Quinn

R is for Ralph

S is for Sophia

T is for Thomas

U is for Una

V is for Volney

W is for William

X is for Xavier

Y is for Yvonne

Z is for Zena



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