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Avoiding the Keyboard

I grew up in the years when one had a secretary to do one’s typing so I never really learnt how to touchtype. I am a hunter and pecker on the keyboard. With loads of data entry to do for my CurryAus study I came up with an idea to avoid some typing.

I created a new private tree on Ancestry and uploaded a gedcom with just a few Curry records to kickstart my process. While I have several private and public trees on my ancestry account I have never done any data entry directly into an Ancestry  tree so this was something new for me.

My idea was to do a broad search for the Last Name : Curry and Place your ancestor might have lived : Australia. My Collection Focus was Australia. It was to be a fishing trip with no real method, this was a test run. Of course with such a broad search I was overwhelmed with hits. There are so many Currys in Australia!


I had no intention of looking at all of these records. All Ancestry Trees in my results were ignored, I concentrated on Records. I added several unrelated Curry records after I worked out how to add a new person. I was eventually after hints, those shaky green leaves. My thoughts being that I could avoid keyboarding if I added people from the Ancestry Records and then at back and waited for the hints to appear.

When the shaky green leaves came on I could once again ignore the Ancestry Trees and add those hints that I thought valid and worthwhile to my records. I tried to avid individuals that I knew were in my Master list in Family Historian because I wanted new people to add to that list.

After several hours down the rabbit hole I downloaded the gedcom of my new tree from Ancestry and merged it into my  Family Historian tree.

Will I do this again? Definitely – I avoided lots of typing and ended up with about 300 new Currys in my database with multiple life events with sources firmly attached. Of course there were a number of duplicates that I have to merge into existing records in Family Historian but there is no typing involved for this.

What will I do differently? I will start a new tree so it is easy to produce a gedcom with just the new results for merging into my Master list in Family Historian. I may create an Ancestry tree concentrating on people on Electoral Rolls or Births, Deaths or Marriages but as I practice Tangential Genealogy I may just follow a whim.


CurryAus on Facebook

I have recently had great success in connecting and collaborating with those with shared interests in some genealogy groups on Facebook so I have created a CurryAus Facebook Group : a meeting place for descendants of Australian Currys.


CurryAus Facebook Group

The description I have put on the Facebook Group is “G’day, I am Jill aka GeniAus who is conducting a study of the surname Curry in Australia. I have established this group as a place where Australians with Curry ancestors can meet Curry cousins and tell stories of their Curry ancestors. Your discussions will assist me in sorting the 8,000+ Curry records I have in my surname study database into family groups. To protect your privacy this is a closed group – only those who answer questions asked when applying to join the group will be able to see your discussions.”

If you have Curry connections downunder please join this new Group.

Back on Deck

2017 so far hasn’t been a good year for CurryAus. Apart from spending a few hours hunting Currys in the Family History Library after Rootstech I haven’t done much work on my database. Straight after Rootstech I set off on a five week holidat with my husband so family history matters and Curry hunting took a back seat.

Yesterday I had a few hours to kill in the city so I headed to The State Library of New South Wales and spent a few hours using their free wifi to add a few more names to my database.

I managed to go through the Daily Telegraph Tributes, Obituaries and Funeral Notices where I found quite a number of Curry entries,  I was able to add all the Curry data I found there to my database so I am feeling rather chuffed.

Scotch Broth or Irish Stew

I wouldn’t mind stealing the title of this post for my blog but it already belongs to a hefty tome, Curry, scotch broth or irish stew, that I found in our State Library of NSW on a recent visit. It’s an apt title because most of the Currys in Australia are descended from Irish or Scottish families, there are just a few English Currys.

I found this book frustrating to use and handle but it was a great help to me in reconstructing the family of  John Curry and Margaret Bowes who emigrated to Australia with a tribe of offspring on the Oriental in 1850.

John Curry and Family on The Oriental 1850 (

As I haven’t finished going through the book which (can you believe it) is unsourced I need to return to the State Library of NSW  to use it again. The clues it gives for names and places enables me to check my database, locate sources and create a tree for all of John and Margaret’s descendants.

I can’t fathom why the author created such a big book with acres of white space. With careful setting out it could be half the weight and size. At least my arms are getting some exercise as I handle it.

See: Individual Summary – John Curry

A to Z Reflections

survivor-atoz 2016 v2 - sm_zpsx3dtq1n6.jpgI’m a compulsive volunteerer and joiner-inner so when I saw that quite a few of my Genimates were participating in the Blogging from A-Z Challenge I joined up at the last minute. I therefore had no time to prepare and think about what I had let myself in for so I made some newbie mistakes.

Yes, I will do it again but I won’t repeat the mistakes I made this year. I liked my theme but it also caused me problems as each of my posts required me to devote between 1-4 hours to research and writing up. As I was concerned about some unforeseen event occurring that would prevent me completing the challenge I put a lot of pressure on myself to get ahead of the challenge calendar. When I completed all the posts about ten days ahead of time there was an enormous sense of relief.

My topic was rather dull and dry and not of great appeal to a general audience. Next time I will probably choose one of my other blogs and a topic that will allow my voice and personalty to come through in the posts. I’ll also choose a topic that will allow me to share some of the thousands of photos I have taken on my travels. As I was not aiming for immediate gratification this wasn’t a huge problem. I was wanting to get my stories out into the blogisphere  where they can act as Cousin Bait for folk who in the future may be searching  for their Curry ancestors in Australia. The challenge gave me the impetus to write some of those stories.

I chose my CurryAus blog for the challenge as it is the least known of my blogs and I thought it would benefit from some extra exposure. Although it did not have a huge number of visitors I was quite pleased that the challenge brought me new genealogy contacts in Australia and further afield. I had a few visitors who were disappointed to find that it wasn’t a food blog about Curry cooking downunder.

As my interest is genealogy and family history I enjoyed finding new geneablogs to follow. This would be made easier if the organisers could create a category for genealogy/family history blogs. As it is hard to identify  a blog’s content from its title it took me until nearly the end of the challenge to find some of these blogs (and I’m sure I missed others).

I loved reading the posts from other bloggers on all manner of topics but found that I just didn’t have time to comment on as many blogs as I would have wished. It was also interesting to find that one of my genealogy contacts was also a passionate blogger, it took the challenge to let me know about her blogging activity.

As a result of the challenge, I have made some new contacts, learnt lots from the posts of Genimates , given my Surname Study some exposure, had many trips down memory lane, encouraged a fellow blogger to research her family history and seen some awful and  some awesome blogging.

Roll on April 2017…. I’ll be prepared next time.

A Blogiversary Missed

It’s just over a year since I launched this blog in December 2014 so I have missed my blogiversary !

Not being a very organised person I dip in and out of my CurryAus study at irregular intervals. As a novice I don’t know if I am going about things in a smart way but as I like to learn by trial and error I’m content.

I have found that Evernote is helping with my organisation. When I find a Curry mention somewhere (eg from a Google alert) that I don’t have time to deal with immediately I save it as a note in  my CurryAus  Evernote Notebook. When I have time  I return to the notebook and process snippet by trying to find further evidence for the facts they reveal then I add the details to my CurryAus database in Family Historian. I then add a “posted” tag to the Evernote note to  indicate that I have processed the information.

I also use Evernote to keep track of progress in recording details from small databases I come across like country cemetery lists and genealogy society indexes. I have note titled Resources Progress in which I list the Name and URL of resources I want to check. Here I record the date and where I am up to in checking each resource for Curry as I add it  to my CurryAus database in Family Historian. When I finish checking a resource I mark it with Done in bright green text. This helps to keep me on track and remember what I have already  checked.

As I hear from Currys (no-one as contacted me yet) I will also use Evernote to set up notes with their details in the CurryAus notebook.  I am sure that as time progresses I will find even more ways that Evernote can keep me organised.

Have you any  Evernote tips for me?

Trove Tuesday – Meandering

I am easily distracted.

Although I have a document in Evernote that is supposed to keep me on track with my CurryAus research and to force me to research in a methodical manner I regularly meander. As I want to support the Trove Tuesday blogging theme I opened Trove in my browser this morning to find a topic for one of my blogs for this week.

As I had been working on my CurryAus project yesterday and trying to track down deaths for Currys in my database my mind was in Killing Off mode. I popped a simple search ie  Curry Obituary into Trove and was rewarded with 4,258 hits. Some results were familiar to me from my family research  but there were many new ones for unrelated people. Navigating to the end of that list I found irrelevant stuff and as I scrolled through the results there were many references to Currie that I didn’t want. However when I did an advanced search to eliminate Currie ie  curry obituary NOT (Currie)  I was rewarded with only 39 hits as Trove appeared to ignore the term Curry as well as Currie (I need to contact Trove).

Curry Obituary Search

Curry Obituary Search

I therefore returned to the results of my simple search Curry Obituary, the relevant results from that search will keep me amused for hours as I try to sort out the various Curry families. These obits are so useful for constructing family groups. Here are some of the new gems I discovered:

1926 'Obituary.', The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 - 1942), 4 March, p. 34, viewed 5 October, 2015,

1926 ‘Obituary.’, The Catholic Press (Sydney, NSW : 1895 – 1942), 4 March, p. 34, viewed 5 October, 2015,

1948 'OBITUARY.', The Murrumbidgee Irrigator (Leeton, NSW : 1915 - 1954), 23 November, p. 2, viewed 5 October, 2015,

1948 ‘OBITUARY.’, The Murrumbidgee Irrigator (Leeton, NSW : 1915 – 1954), 23 November, p. 2, viewed 5 October, 2015,

1951 'OBITUARY.', The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954), 18 August, p. 5, viewed 5 October, 2015,

1951 ‘OBITUARY.’, The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 – 1954), 18 August, p. 5, viewed 5 October, 2015,