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Avoiding the Keyboard

I grew up in the years when one had a secretary to do one’s typing so I never really learnt how to touchtype. I am a hunter and pecker on the keyboard. With loads of data entry to do for my CurryAus study I came up with an idea to avoid some typing.

I created a new private tree on Ancestry and uploaded a gedcom with just a few Curry records to kickstart my process. While I have several private and public trees on my ancestry account I have never done any data entry directly into an Ancestry  tree so this was something new for me.

My idea was to do a broad search for the Last Name : Curry and Place your ancestor might have lived : Australia. My Collection Focus was Australia. It was to be a fishing trip with no real method, this was a test run. Of course with such a broad search I was overwhelmed with hits. There are so many Currys in Australia!


I had no intention of looking at all of these records. All Ancestry Trees in my results were ignored, I concentrated on Records. I added several unrelated Curry records after I worked out how to add a new person. I was eventually after hints, those shaky green leaves. My thoughts being that I could avoid keyboarding if I added people from the Ancestry Records and then at back and waited for the hints to appear.

When the shaky green leaves came on I could once again ignore the Ancestry Trees and add those hints that I thought valid and worthwhile to my records. I tried to avid individuals that I knew were in my Master list in Family Historian because I wanted new people to add to that list.

After several hours down the rabbit hole I downloaded the gedcom of my new tree from Ancestry and merged it into my  Family Historian tree.

Will I do this again? Definitely – I avoided lots of typing and ended up with about 300 new Currys in my database with multiple life events with sources firmly attached. Of course there were a number of duplicates that I have to merge into existing records in Family Historian but there is no typing involved for this.

What will I do differently? I will start a new tree so it is easy to produce a gedcom with just the new results for merging into my Master list in Family Historian. I may create an Ancestry tree concentrating on people on Electoral Rolls or Births, Deaths or Marriages but as I practice Tangential Genealogy I may just follow a whim.


What does your last name say about you?

In a recent tweet Ancestry.co.uk asked “What does your last name say about you?”

Naturally I followed the link to “Discover the meaning and history behind your last name” which is Curry.

This link will show you what Ancestry had to say.

X is for Xavier

X is not for Xavier Curry.

People have been asking me if I would be able to cover the difficult letters eg Q, X, Y and Z in this challenge. Smugly I said I had it all sorted. Well, I was wrong. I had presumed that X would be easy because there are lots of Irish Currys, many of them are Catholic and Xavier is a Catholic name.  It seems that Catholic Currys in Australia have not been calling their sons Xavier.

After finding nothing on Trove. I did a Google search and came up with one Xavier Curry (living) so I didn’t pursue him any further. I then tried an Ancestry search limited to Australia. No Xaviers.

The best I can do is a burial record for Jackson Xavier Curry who died in Finley, NSW in 1996.


When I started out on this challenge I aimed to make my posts short and sweet. I have achieved this with X.