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I needed to do a search on in The Victoria Government Gazette for a presentation I am giving soon so I decided to do a name search for Curry. I was rewarded with several pages of hits including this person, William John Curry, who has become the latest entry in my CurryAus database in Family Historian.


When doing this exercise it hit me that Government Gazettes are an excellent source of information for my CurryAus study. When I have time I will scour that list of hits for more Curry entries. 

Slow Progress

  • Two more weeks have gone by and I still find myself massaging data on my old spreadsheet prior to importing it into Family Historian. It is going to be a long haul but I try to spend some time each day on this task.
  • I have upgraded my Family Historian software to version 6 and all of the data I had already input has transferred painlessly.
  • Thanks to fellow Surname Society members and blog readers I have been given some Curry data which I have added to my FH database.
  • Having looked at online databases and other sites available to me I realise that Curry isn’t such an uncommon name in Australia so therefore I have plenty of data entry ahead of me. I will soldier on.

You will hear me shouting from the rooftops when I import my old data into Family Historian.