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Avoiding the Keyboard

I grew up in the years when one had a secretary to do one’s typing so I never really learnt how to touchtype. I am a hunter and pecker on the keyboard. With loads of data entry to do for my CurryAus study I came up with an idea to avoid some typing.

I created a new private tree on Ancestry and uploaded a gedcom with just a few Curry records to kickstart my process. While I have several private and public trees on my ancestry account I have never done any data entry directly into an Ancestry  tree so this was something new for me.

My idea was to do a broad search for the Last Name : Curry and Place your ancestor might have lived : Australia. My Collection Focus was Australia. It was to be a fishing trip with no real method, this was a test run. Of course with such a broad search I was overwhelmed with hits. There are so many Currys in Australia!


I had no intention of looking at all of these records. All Ancestry Trees in my results were ignored, I concentrated on Records. I added several unrelated Curry records after I worked out how to add a new person. I was eventually after hints, those shaky green leaves. My thoughts being that I could avoid keyboarding if I added people from the Ancestry Records and then at back and waited for the hints to appear.

When the shaky green leaves came on I could once again ignore the Ancestry Trees and add those hints that I thought valid and worthwhile to my records. I tried to avid individuals that I knew were in my Master list in Family Historian because I wanted new people to add to that list.

After several hours down the rabbit hole I downloaded the gedcom of my new tree from Ancestry and merged it into my  Family Historian tree.

Will I do this again? Definitely – I avoided lots of typing and ended up with about 300 new Currys in my database with multiple life events with sources firmly attached. Of course there were a number of duplicates that I have to merge into existing records in Family Historian but there is no typing involved for this.

What will I do differently? I will start a new tree so it is easy to produce a gedcom with just the new results for merging into my Master list in Family Historian. I may create an Ancestry tree concentrating on people on Electoral Rolls or Births, Deaths or Marriages but as I practice Tangential Genealogy I may just follow a whim.



I’m a little disorganised with my approach to the CurryAus study. If I find a new useful resource I go off on a tangent and see if I can find any Curry references in that resource.

Although I suggest this as a good resource for general research I had never checked AHPRA, The Australian Health Protection Agency Register of Practioners, for details of my Currys.

I dipped into this resource today to see who I could find. Firstly I put Curry into the Family Name field of the search box and was rewarded with 50 results in alphabetical order. I got a message telling me that 50 was the maximum number of hits displayed and, that if I wanted more, I should narrow my search. That I did.

ahpra search

AHPRA Search Box

I narrowed by State/Territory and found these Currys:

  • ACT – 3
  • NSW – 35
  • Queensland – 10
  • South Australia – 4
  • Tasmania – 2
  • Victoria – 18
  • Western Australia – 4

I was able to tie two of the results to people in my database

Among those in the full list were 50 nurses,  1 dentist, 2 occupational therapists, 2 pharmacists and 6 medical practitioners.

As I really should be doing other things I added AHPRA to my CurryAus Resource Progress spreadsheet to be checked, noted what I had done and went back to the tasks at hand.


CurryAus Resource Progress. Green indicates completed

News from Queensland

The Queensland Government has announced a new Family History Research Service that makes it easier for family historians to search the Queensland indexes to historical records online. This new search engine went live today at 8.30am.  The new service is person centric, so one only has to perform one search to get birth, death and marriage results in one list. One can then order record images and certificates directly from the results.

This is fantastic for those conducting Surname Studies. I just entered the search term Curry and I was rewarded with 1684 results. As I won’t be ordering any certificates at this time I did not test out the ordering facility.


Results for Curry Search

What I liked is that the results I have seen so far include the actual dates of the events rather than just the year of registration thus making it easier to compare the results with other sources.

Up until now I had not made a concerted effort to search the Queensland Indexes – I must have known that a new search was coming!!

Now I just need to find the time to enter all this information into my database.

Trove Tuesday – Curry Images

This week I limited my Curry search on Trove to Australian Content and Availability:Online and looked at the results for Pictures, Photos and Objects I got a few hits some of which were for food. Of the relevant images some are still in copyright so I can only share links to these. Each of these images provided information for my CurryAus database.

Les Curry Monument

Picture of Mal Curry

Source:  State Library of Victoria

Headstone of Margaret Curry


Back on Deck

2017 so far hasn’t been a good year for CurryAus. Apart from spending a few hours hunting Currys in the Family History Library after Rootstech I haven’t done much work on my database. Straight after Rootstech I set off on a five week holidat with my husband so family history matters and Curry hunting took a back seat.

Yesterday I had a few hours to kill in the city so I headed to The State Library of New South Wales and spent a few hours using their free wifi to add a few more names to my database.

I managed to go through the Daily Telegraph Tributes, Obituaries and Funeral Notices where I found quite a number of Curry entries,  I was able to add all the Curry data I found there to my database so I am feeling rather chuffed.

Trove Tuesday – CurryAus list

I fear that I need to be like a cat and have nine lives. I have so much Curry material. One of the places I store things that I find on my Australian Currys is in a list on Trove.

Our national treasure, Trove, provides access to newspaper articles, photos, websites etc. Genealogists mostly make use of the newspaper archive but searches of the database can bring up other relevant items like music scores and voice recordings.

When I am playing in  Trove I sometimes don’t have time to deal with things I find. As a registered user I have the ability to tag items I find and create lists for later review. These can be easily accessed from one’s user profile or by a Trove search. Even a Google search will find Trove lists.

I have saved over 300 articles in my CurryAus list. I am not sure that I will ever get through them in my lifetime but at least they are preserved as a collection for anyone in the future who may be interested in the Curry surname.

See my CurryAus list here:


Trove Tuesday – Mal Curry

One of my fave activities is Troveing. This morning I thought I’d do a  Trove search for Curry limited to Pictures, photos, objects  and Australian Content.

One of the first images I found was of Mal Curry who was an employee of the Melbourne Telegraph Office, 1949. I am so pleased that the image by Bob Kent in the SLV collection is out of copyrght so I can share it.Now I have a photo I need to find out more about Mal.


Catalogue Record from State Library of Victoria