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More Trove Tuesday

I couldn’t resist posting about Curry Family History over at my GeniAus blog (I was hoping to drive some readers over here).

You can read that post here:


Trove Tuesday – Curry’s Store

From time to time I participate in the #TroveTuesday activity. On Tuesdays family historians sometimes post a story about a resource relating to their research that they have found on Trove. I don’t intend publishing each week to this blog but I will certainly contribute some posts to the Trove Tuesday theme from time to time.

My first selection is an article from 1875 about Mr Curry’s store in Wallsend, NSW

Curry's Store

Curry’s Store

1875 ‘Mr. Curry’s Store.’, Miners’ Advocate and Northumberland Recorder (Newcastle, NSW : 1873 – 1876), 28 August, p. 7 Edition: MORNING., viewed 30 December, 2014,

and for those who find the above hard to read here is a transcription:

Mr. Curry‘s Store.We are requested to remind our readers in and around Wallsend that~Mr. T.Curry has how opened out his extensive stock of groceries, drapery, fancy goods, and produce, and is anxious to treat with. every. one who drink teas or absorb sugar,sas. he intends proving to  these that a good bit of cheese preceding these, mixed with some excellent mustard and sauces of unmen-tionable and superior brands is, the very desideratum of an epicurean stomach, which, if disorganised, can be put right either with coffee or cocoa: pills or vinegar.

Slow Progress

  • Two more weeks have gone by and I still find myself massaging data on my old spreadsheet prior to importing it into Family Historian. It is going to be a long haul but I try to spend some time each day on this task.
  • I have upgraded my Family Historian software to version 6 and all of the data I had already input has transferred painlessly.
  • Thanks to fellow Surname Society members and blog readers I have been given some Curry data which I have added to my FH database.
  • Having looked at online databases and other sites available to me I realise that Curry isn’t such an uncommon name in Australia so therefore I have plenty of data entry ahead of me. I will soldier on.

You will hear me shouting from the rooftops when I import my old data into Family Historian.

Where to now?

When The Surname Society was launched I dived in and registered a surname study. Being a novice in this area I made a list of tasks that I would undertake:

  • I have opened a new project in my Family Historian software into which I have imported my Australian Currys. Several Society members already use  Family Historian for their Surname studies so there is much help available.
  • I will add any new Curry references I find to that project.
  • I have set up this Wordpress blog through which I will share Curry stories, trivia and news as wll as reports on my research.
  • I already have 8,000+ Curry references in an Excel spreadsheet. I am currently massaging this data so that I can use Colin’s free XL to Ged utility to convert the data in the spreadsheet to a gedcom file that I can import into my Family Historian project.
  • I will set up a few Google alerts that will hopefully retrieve some Curry news from the web. I will have to put some thoughts into crafting these so that I don’t get lots of news about Indian cuisine.
  • I will search the various databases at my disposal to find Currys.
  • I will see what Curry information Mr Google can dig up for me.
  • I will promote my study on social media so that others will be aware of  the study. The hashtag will be #CurryAus and the URL of my blog contains CurryAus.
  • I will use Evernote as a tool to keep track of the blog and its posts.
  • I will use the information shared in the Surname Society forums to give me guidance.
  • Apart from that I will just learn as I go.

To date I have set up the Family Historian database and blog. I am also getting the data in my old spreadsheet ready to import into Family Historian, I can see that this will take some time.


My maiden name is Curry, I am descended from an Irish convict,  Patrick Curry, who was transported to the colony of New South Wales in 1825. In addition to collecting information on Paddy’s descendants downunder I have gathered quite a few references to unrelated Currys. For a number of years I have sat on this data which may be of use to others.

Some Australian Currys 1970

Since joining The Surname Society recently I have registered a surname study for the Curry Surname in Australia. As I have never seriously undertaken a surname study before I am on my L plates, I have taken on board advice that has been shared in the Society’s forums and information on the Guild of One-Name Studies site (I’m a member there too).

I will be recording my journey on this blog and its associated pages.

If you have any Australian Currys in your tree or among your friends and neighbours I’d love to hear about them.

I am also happy to check my infant database for Curry references for tose with connections.